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Hi, I'm Theodoric Chew.

I'm an entrepreneur, founder, and former head of growth & marketing in Singapore.

Who is Theodoric?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder of a digital health company called Intellect.

In the past few years I've built one of my startups to acquisition, worked with a couple of highly talented teams and have since learnt a thing or two about scaling a business + building a brand from scratch.

You can read some of my articles here, consult me for your business, or drop me a message if you'd like to connect. 

About Me
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What do I do?

I started building scrappy web businesses back before I could leave the house on my own. Over the years I've refined that skill to focus on building good companies instead.

My expertise lays within:​​

  • scaling companies fast

  • kickstarting newly formed brands

  • building digital marketing engines from the ground up

  • implementing growth marketing frameworks within teams

  • strategising user acquisition growth models and roadmaps


Brands I've helped.

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Areas you could work with me.


Build a data-driven growth machine on your team.

I specialise in helping startups grow and scale fast.


We'll work on instilling growth frameworks into your team, getting in experimental structures, and having a data driven perspective in your analysis.

Starting from scratch? We'll build a full-funnel marketing engine into your set up.

Already going? We'll transform your marketing team into a growth team.

Paid Marketing

Construct a paid marketing set-up that sustains and scales.

Paid marketing is effective if set up well with the right metrics tracked.

Done wrong, it is a channel that burns fast.

I've helped small teams on a lean budget up to growth scale companies that spend 6-figures on monthly ad spend.

We'll help your team scale fast.


Set up a robust data warehouse in your operations.

The difference between startups that succeed and those that falter is data.

Having a comprehensive data warehouse and a clear look on your northstar metrics are critical to any model you run.


We'll build a culture of data, the tools, and the frameworks to get your team to industry standards.


Achieve strategic ROI-driven brand coverage.

I help startups achieve the awareness and branding that the big boys splurge on.

Think bigger than simply PR. Wide-spread coverage on your industry's media outlets, brand identification on Google, and thought leadership within your space.

Google my name to get a small idea.


If your team needs help with any of the following.

Let's Talk

Join the mailing list.

I'll send you my playbook on how I scaled my business and brands from scratch.

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